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Welcome to Australia Customs, Australian Trade & Shipping, New Zealand Shipping and Australia Trade Marine Insurance.

We can provide Customs Clearance and Quarantine Clearance, Freight, Marine Insurance for Commercial Goods and Personal Effects to over 300 ports worldwide.

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You are better to use a postal service if your goods are:

Valued at less than $1,000.00 landed price (Cost of goods plus the cost of shipping),
Weighs less than 20kg, is under 1m in length and less than 1.4 metres in girth.

If it doen't meet these requirements contact us.

For goods over $1,000 in value:

  1. You will be required to apply for an Owners Code.
  2. Ask your overseas agent to put Australia Trade and Shipping as the notify party and email us the Bill of Lading / Express Release Waybill to

    (see local phone numbers at the bottom of the page)

  3. A minimum of 4 documents will be required to be scanned and emailed:
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Packing List
    • Packing Declaration
    • Waybill
  4. Other documents maybe required depending on what is being imported.
    • For vehicles you will require an import permit, you may be required to have the refrigerant removed from the air-conditioning system prior to shipping and a degas certificate to accompany the documentation.
    • Importing second-hand equipment will require an AQIS import permit, a cleaning and / or fumigation certificate.
    • Other certificates like agricultural products will require an import permit, Dangerous goods certificates, and mosquito declarations are available.
      Contact us
      to discuss import permits, quarantine requirements etc.
  5. Once the shipment arrives we will send you a variety of disbursement invoices that require immediate payment.
  6. For small freight we seriously recommend you pick up from the bond store once goods become cleared by customs and quarantine and your disbursement invoices are paid and cleared by our bank.(We do not accept credit cards. Best method is internet banking)

Export personal effects:

For full container and household goods(FCL):

For share a container (LCL) cargo:
  • You pack, wrap, label your goods
  • We give you a delivery instruction and you bring your goods to our nominated transport depot in the nearest city to your residence.

Our services essentially service the nearest of the Pacific Islands to Australia, as well as Singapore consequently all 20ft & 40ft full containers and share a container for small freight as well as a car ship (also known as drive on/off or roll on /off) for cars, 4WD's, utes, vans, campers, caravans, motor homes, tractors, earth moving equipment, prime movers, mobile cranes, boats on trailers are shipped out of Australian ports.

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